i used to be a kid who loved drama and cared a lot about stating his opinion on everything i possibly could. i would accentuate my choices and what i thought was typically the right decision on highly debated matters.
i’m not sure where i changed, or even if it’s a positive change but i just don’t give a shit about sharing my views nowadays. (ironic considering i’m posting about just that, it’s just been on my mind.) perhaps it’s because i don’t feel that sharing my opinion is actually that influential in the grand scheme of things. maybe it’s because i think most of my opinions are just formed from good morals and trying really hard to not be an ass. i used to welcome discussions about religion, politics, vegetarianism, etc. and that differs from now whatever it may be.
i still hold most of the same beliefs and don’t feel i’ve changed much in the light of personal choices since high school ironically.
perhaps it’s my dislike for most people nowadays being like the person who i used to be. i’ve always been the type to make my own decisions based off research in do in my room and i think i can speak for most people when i say nobody likes other people’s choices shoved down their throat constantly by others. it’s something i’ve thought about a bit recently with all the controversial topics and articles linked on facebook or other social medias.
i hate logging on and feeling like i wish any of these 20 articles were not in front of me. awareness for something genuinely good is one thing but most of the things i see nowadays are just more of “look at these college kids we interviewed and our biased article of why they’re completely uneducated on politics.” (slight exaggeration for context(talk shows would never be so blunt))
someone somewhere probably feels the same way about this pointless post though. that’s just how the world is.
c’est la vie.
fukkkk it i’m rambling.
basically just don’t be a dick and go looking to shove your opinions down everyone’s throat and i guarantee i’ll reciprocate that respect.
too lazy for capitalization.
i’m out. 

Purple Yellow Red and Blue

i long for that feeling to not feel at all~

my friend said don’t hold back from letting my tumblr become a lights fan page so maybe i won’t.